Publisher's Clearing House | The Naked Truth about PCH authored by Long Island author Darrell Lester | Senior Vice President of Publisher's Clearing House

The PCH Story (2nd edition – 2015)

This fascinating and true story has never been told before and, in fact, is known to only a handful of people. It is the saga of one of the most well known, but most misunderstood companies in the world.

Although Publishers Clearing House is a household name, no one — not the news media, the consumer, nor the business community — knows the truth about the legendary sweepstakes giant. Even the company's employees were kept in the dark about what transpired inside those private, teak-lined hallways.

The book chronicles an insider's account of what really happened as the small mom-and-pop business grew to be one of the most profitable private enterprises in the entire country. But at the pinnacle of our success, the tides suddenly turned and results collapsed. To management's dismay, we found ourselves in a long and fierce battle for survival and on the brink of extinction. Then after an entire industry was destroyed, we were able to rise from the ashes to become the only firm remaining in our marketplace.

I wrote The Naked Truth despite the threat of a lawsuit by my former employer because it was just too good a tale to be lost forever... and there was simply no one else alive who could have told the real inside scoop about the "granddaddy of sweepstakes."


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