Publisher's Clearing House | The Naked Truth about PCH authored by Long Island author Darrell Lester | Senior Vice President of Publisher's Clearing House

The PCH Story

For the first time ever, an insider reveals the amazing story of one of the most well known but most misunderstood companies in the world... the iconic PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE.

Although Publishers Clearing House is a household name, no one — not the news media, the consumer, nor the business community — knows the truth about the legendary sweepstakes giant. Even the company's employees were kept in the dark about what transpired inside those private, teak-lined hallways.

The extraordinary saga of PCH -- from a small mom-and-pop company to one of the most profitable companies in the country to the brink of bankruptcy -- is entertaining and shocking. And Mr. Lester wrote the daring unauthorized tell-all despite the threat of a lawsuit by his former company.

The Naked Truth includes many never before told secrets about the company's great success and fierce battle for survival, private stories of an outrageous management team, tales of a fun-loving Prize Patrol and their unsuspecting targets, and the emotional story of a youg adult's rise to the top.


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