Darrell Lester

Why did you write this book?

I never intended to write a book. But having spent over half my life in the private hallways of Publishers Clearing House, I felt compelled to put on paper the untold account of the most famous sweepstakes company in history. I knew that senior management didn’t want the story told, but I felt I had to go ahead… for two reasons. First: because it is simply too good a story not to be told. Second: because I wanted to leave the tale as a legacy for my family.

What was your role at PCH?

I started as an entry level Marketing Analyst, right out of college, and worked my way through the ranks of the Marketing department. I earned the title of Vice President of Marketing during the company's most successful years and I was involved with virtually all major business decisions, for better or for worse. My final position was as Senior Vice President and Officer of the company before retiring at the young age of 51.

My long career at PCH felt like an incredible roller coaster ride. It started with a thrilling twenty-five year climb upward as I worked hard and learned the direct mail business from the best talent around while the company realized unbelievable growth. But my last five years were the exact opposite as I experienced the sharp ride down and the painful fight for the company’s survival.

What will readers find interesting about The Naked Truth about Publishers Clearing House?

A sampling of some of the never-before-told insider secrets include: 

* How PCH became one of the most profitable private companies in the country.

* Why results suddenly imploded after almost 50 years of incredible growth.

* The real odds of winning plus behind-the-scene tales of our prize winners.

* What the award-winning TV sitcom Cheers has in common with PCH.

* Who the biggest loser was in the battle between the sweepstakes mailers and the politicians.

* How the once all-powerful direct marketer handled being on the brink of bankruptcy.

* What the founding Mertz family did with their massive fortune (this will shock you).

* The discovery of a new addiction (consumers obsessed with sweepstakes).

* Laugh-out-loud antics of an outrageous management team (like the executive who gave a speech in his underwear).

* Private anecdotes of an adventurous Prize Patrol.

* The author's emotional 30-year journey... from an entry level role to an elite senior management position.


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