Book signings

* My book signing on 4/17/12 was a huge success! The Harold E. Mertz Community Center was packed and it was standing room only. In attendance were local residents, current and former PCH'ers, as well as friends and family. The celebration started with a bang when beloved PCH'er Marian Brower was the first to walk in the door (interestingly, Marian worked in this very same building back in the 1960's).

* Click on the following link to see pictures of some old PCH friends who attended the book signing ---

Radio broadcasts

* I have had about two dozen radio interviews so far, including both big and small markets throughout the country.

* My first live on-air interview was with a San Francisco station and was a lengthy one (over 20 minutes). Radio host Michael Finney was extremely interested in all aspects of the fascinating PCH story. He especially liked the surprising details about the very first PCH contest... with odds of winning of 1 in 10, compared to the almost unwinnable odds of today. Another topic he was intrigued by was the Arnold Diaz fiasco ("tossed sweeps entries by the roadside")… and the secret revealed in the book about this controversial incident.

* My most effective on-air interview was with a popular Los Angeles station (KFWB) with Phil Hulett. You’ll love this 11-minute interview, which can be found at the following link ---

* My interview on Bloomberg radio was also great fun, and was with none other than legendary radio and television personality Joe Franklin (he's 86). Mr. Franklin loved the eye-catching book cover and my story, and it was interesting that he compared PCH's notoriety with two other pretty big companies… Facebook and Apple. The interview aired in New York plus over a hundred other media markets throughout the country in July and August 2012. Click on the following link to hear the interview ---

* Another interview was from the deep south with Southern belle Barbara Dooley. Click on the following link to hear this interview (and make sure to listen to the very end) ---

News reporting

* Favorable articles and commentary have appeared in The Huffington Post, Woman’s World Magazine, the PortWashingtonPatch, the BaysidePatch, and a blog by direct marketing expert Ray Shultz.

* The article by journalist and industry expert Ray Shultz can be viewed at the following link ---

Book outlets

* In addition to the on-line websites, my book is also being sold at The Dolphin Bookshop in Port Washington.


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